Assault Rifle not used in Sandy Hook Shooting


Assault Rifle not used in Sandy Hook Shooting

Early reports that came to us at American Live Wire were stating that Adam Lanza had shot the victims at the Sandy Hook Elementary school at close range with multiple hand guns, and possibly a shotgun. It wasn’t reported until later that the police had discovered an AR-15 assault rifle in the trunk of the car. This AR-15 was not used in the shooting, and police did not initially even know about its presence until conducting that further search. Reportedly he had stolen the rifle from his mother after he killed her at the house. His intentions with the rifle were unclear, although it is certain that he planned to use it at some point.

He had run all over the campus at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting the teachers and students with his hand guns. Most victims did suffer from multiple gun shot wounds. It is clear that Adam Lanza was trained and proficient with the weapons that he used. His skill level and familiarity with the handguns he used may have been his reasoning for selecting those as the weapons he used. He may have been saving the AR-15 rifle for a final shoot-out with police if the occasion arised, but that is not totally clear. We also have heard nothing further to confirm whether or not a 12-gauge shotgun was in fact used along with his handguns. What were recovered from the body of Adam Lanza were a Glock pistol and a Sig Sauer pistol.

Popular media and the President of the United States seemed to be fixated on the fact that there was an AR-15 assault rifle found, but ignored the fact that it was not used. Adam Lanza had tried to purchase one on his own weeks before the incident, but he was denied by the firearms dealer where he tried to puchase it. He knew that his mother owned one, as she had spent a lot of time teaching her children how to shoot various weapons as they grew up.

It seems that the reasoning for trying to stigmatize the AR-15 with this tragic incident was to use it as a leveraging point for passing an assault rifle ban in the US. The actions of this ban, and its publicity have been quite controversial amongst gun owners and left-wing lobbyists who struggled to debate the change in legislation. One thing is for certain, and that is that discussion of the ban in late 2012 drove sales of these types of weapons to record highs as shooters scrambled to purchase one before any official ban was put into place. Most gun stores who carried the weapons wuickly sold out around Christmas time.

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