Do gun bans actually curb violent crime?


Who isn’t sickened by the moral decay and heinous acts of violence across our country? My heart and prayers continue to go out to victims everywhere.

But do gun bans, like the one proposed last week by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., outlawing 120 specific firearms, actually curb violent crime?

Not according to a recent Fox News investigation, “Assault-weapons ban no guarantee mass shootings would decrease, data shows.” The report concludes, “Data published earlier this year showed that while the [Clinton assault] ban was in place, from 1994 to 2004, the number of mass shootings actually rose slightly during that period. Add to that the fact that most gun crimes in America are committed with handguns… [and]as the NRA points out, only a ‘tiny fraction’ of crimes involve assault weapons no matter how it’s measured.” elaborated, “Crime statistics compiled by a Northeastern University professor, the Census Bureau, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show that in the 10 years before the Clinton gun ban, there were 173 mass shootings with 766 victims. But during the 10 years of the ban, from 1995-2004, there were 182 mass shootings with 820 victims.”

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