Five Stages of Leadership – Honing (Part 4)


His voice is raspy as a film noir mob boss, its message erudite as a polished scholar, and dynamism zesty as one of those TV product-pitchers who can persuade you to dial immediately for a combination carrot-dicer and log-splitter.

And he is 89 years old.

John Edmund Haggai is an author, international entrepreneur, motivator without equal, leadership developer, passionate evangelist, one of the world’s top comeback artists, and relentless honer.

John Edmund has always been an unlikely figure. A Massachusetts-bred man of Syrian and blueblood New England parentage, he became one of the best-known evangelists in the Deep South church revival era. John Edmund, a 1945 graduate of Moody Bible Institute, was noted then as now as a polished speaker and thoughtful theologian.

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