I’m Anti-Gun And Self-Defense… Not


There is something that I should confess.  Ideally, I wish we didn’t have to use guns and that guns did not exist.  Ideally, I wish there was no violence in the world and world peace did exist.  Honestly, I would like to see every human treat their neighbor as they would treat themselves.  In my perfect world, I wish we could remove all the evil people and leave the good people.

Life would be great and one huge party! Who wouldn’t want that?

Realistically though, this is impossible because the line that separates the good person from the evil one goes straight through the heart of every human being.  In reality, the fewer guns the good people have the more of a target they become.  In the world in which we live presently, to have peace we must prepare for war.

Life is a battle every step of the way and it started when you took that first breath just after you came out of your mom’s womb.

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