‘The Story of America’ and the Threat of Judgment


Most that know me well understand I love looking for rare and old out of print religious books. I’ve found some real treasures in antique stores over the years. Last Saturday, I found another amazing book, not a religious one, but one on American history.

The book I found has a copyright of 1892 and is Elia W. Peattie’s classic, The Story of America. I’ve already read the first couple of chapters of its more than 750 pages and the first paragraph alone, I thought, was gripping. It reads:

“The plans of God are very wide. No nation may have the right to say, ‘We are the people, and wisdom shall die with us.’ Traces are left of so many great and perished nations, that we are constantly reminded that a thousand years is but a day in His sight, and that the work and progress we are so proud of may disappear and leave but little hint of us by which the coming race may guess what we were like.” [1]

This quote from Peattie reminds me that our nation can take the same route of so many other civilizations that currently are no more than mere ruins. They too were proud, with tremendous prowess, power, and influence in the world. Yet today they are largely but a faint memory.

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