A Great Man Died This Week


Chances are you’ve never heard his name and wouldn’t recognize his picture. But his death has affected me deeply. He was my teacher and mentor. And outside of my family, he probably exerted more influence in my life than any other.

He had a wonderful sense of humor. “Men who are bald on the front are thinkers,” he once quipped. “Men who are bald on the back are lovers. Men who are bald all over think they’re lovers.” And a favorite: “The higher the monkey goes, the more the rear-end shows.”

He had great insight into leadership. “The secret of concentration is elimination,” he said. He was right. And this, spoken more than twenty-five years ago, but just as relevant today: “The greatest crisis in the world today is a crisis in leadership. And the greatest crisis in leadership is a crisis of character.”

As a writer, he gave me the best advice I ever received: “Good thinking is the basis of good writing.”

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