Air Cadets offer non-religious oath


Following a campaign sponsored by multiple humanist organisations, the Air Cadet Association has recently decided to offer nonbelievers an alternative oath that omits the mention of a higher power.

“British society is changing dramatically: over two-thirds of young people have a non-religious identity and that proportion is growing all the time. The institutions of our society need to catch up with this demographic fact if they are going to remain relevant and build cohesion between young people of different beliefs,” said Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association [BHA].

Copson, whose group joined forces with the United Kingdom Armed Forces Humanist Association to push for the oath change, went on to add that the humanist organisation plans to pursue other youth organizations in Great Britain to make similar changes to their pledges.

The humanist groups argued that the Cadet Organisation would fall out of favour with the Ministry of Defense’s policy on equality and diversity should it continue to force non-religious members to pledge their allegiance to God.

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