Elections Have Consequences: Employees Who Voted for Obama Should Be the First Fired


The economic environment facing defense contractors and defense employees is a DIRECT RESULT of voting for Obama. You reap what you sow. “Elections have consequences.” Isn’t that what Obeyme and the SoProMarxComs keep telling us? So, it’s poetic justice to read (see link below) about a woman in Ohio who is suing a defense contractor, claiming she was fired because she voted for Obama.

I know plenty of small business owners who have had to fire employees, and who are now working longer hours, physically exhausted. I know medium size business owners who not only have already fired employees since the first of this year, but who will also be firing more to get under 50 employee’s by year’s end.

Every Constitution loving business owner should fire every Obama voter. Let them feel the pain this POS president has created for business owners. Business owners can check their employees’ Facebook profiles. Check with your county voter registrar’s office because oftentimes they will have public access computers that list all the registered voters and their party affiliation. Walk through your business/office parking lot and record all the car tags with “Obama/Biden” stickers, then check them against your parking permit records. When you have to trim staff, it’s only fitting that those whose vote forced you to make the cuts be the ones who pay with their jobs. Then, when and if the time comes, as you fire an Obeyme drone, tell them, “I wish you luck, and I hope you enjoy the fundamental transformation of your employment status.”

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