Liberty Coalition Forms to Support Sheriffs Fighting Gun Control


A new coalition of law-enforcement officials and liberty-minded organizations led by former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack is joining forces to defend freedom, with goals that include supporting the hundreds of constitutional sheriffs across America who promise to defend the rights of their constituents from the Obama administration’s lawless assault on the Constitution. As one of its primary projects, the alliance is sending letters to every sheriff in the United States to find out and publicize where they stand on the Second Amendment.

Another key aim of the coalition is to recruit more chief law-enforcement officers — particularly sheriffs, but state and local officials as well — to defend Americans’ unalienable gun rights. As of early February, close to 300 county sheriffs from all over the country and at least six state sheriff associations had publicly announced their intentions to protect the Second Amendment in their respective jurisdictions. The numbers are growing daily; and members and leaders of the new coalition hope to keep that trend accelerating.

“The purpose of this coalition is to simply show the recipients of the letter, our nation’s sheriffs, that there are many groups sponsoring this movement and many people wanting information from their sheriffs regarding their commitment to the Constitution,” explained Sheriff Mack, who helped win a major victory in the Supreme Court against unconstitutional federal gun control and statutes purporting to force sheriffs to comply with federal demands. He also founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), which is helping organize and lead the new coalition.

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