Milwaukee students ‘blessed’ with opportunity to attend private Christian school for free


At first glance, Young Minds Preparatory School appears to be just an ordinary elementary and middle school. The long hallway that leads from the school’s entrance to its central office is brightly decorated with student art, much of it depicting inspirational figures from history. It’s a decorating technique used in many American schools to prepare students for learning.

The first indication that something unusual is happening at Young Minds Prep is found on a little sign displayed at the end of the hallway: “It is EXPECTED that everyone is present for prayer. It just starts the day on a great foot!”

That simple sign reflects the mission of Young Minds Prep Founder Tracy Laster, who also serves as a teacher and the school’s principal. Laster started the private K-8 Christian school in 2005 not only to provide students with a quality education, but also to change lives, homes and neighborhoods throughout inner-city Milwaukee.

The school is attempting to do this by promoting Christian principles, which is where the daily prayer meeting comes in.
“The staff prays as a unit every single day, and the kids join in that prayer with us,” Laster tells EAGnews. “We begin and end each day in prayer with students.”

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