Reality Check: The “Politically Incorrect Truth” About The Second Amendment


WXIX-TV Cincinnati reporter Ben Swann takes a look at what he called the “politically incorrect” truth about the Second Amendment. In his “Reality Check” segment for the local FOX affiliate, Swann explains the true intention behind the Second Amendment.

“This is where American history becomes very politically incorrect because the Second Amendment was not drafted for hunting, or just self defense from an attacker. The Second Amendment was put into place to guarantee the rights of the individual to be equally armed as military, both foreign and domestic, in the event that the citizenry might actually, at some point, have to fight their own government,” explained Swann.

“Again, it’s a very controversial subject. But if we’re going to have a debate about what rights we’re actually going to guarantee under the Constitution, then we need to have an honest debate about what the Founders were attempting to guarantee,” Swann said.

See the video and read the rest at Real Clear Politics

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