Wisconsin cousins escape the troubled culture of public education


Students may be the direct beneficiaries of Racine’s new school choice initiative, but it’s called a “parental” choice program for a reason.

High school sophomore Danae Sanchez discovered why during the waning days of her 2011 summer vacation.  At the time, Sanchez was looking forward to her freshman year at the local public high school with her friends.  Her parents had other ideas, however.  They had applied for a school voucher from the Racine Parental Choice Program, which Gov. Scott Walker had signed into law earlier that summer.

Just as the new school year was beginning, Sanchez learned she was accepted into the choice program and would be transferring to Shoreland Lutheran High School, a private Christian school located in Somers.  It was the fulfillment of a long-held goal – for Sanchez’s parents, that is.

For many years they had wanted to send their daughter to a private school, but it was financially out of reach, says Martha Torres, Sanchez’s mother.

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