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  • sometimes kids seem so much smarter then adults

  • What a wonderful intelligent young lady……and she is absolutely right!

  • out of the mouth of babes..truth prevails

  • ybugs

    Silence is NOT golden in this clip.

  • rickhutch

    This young woman has shown us that when we do not have the truth on our side, there is no answer. Thank you young lady!

  • boxerdoglover

    Wow, amazing young girl and so brave to do this in front of all the so called “adults”. Good for her. And a side note, my parents divorced when I was 9 and my dad had to leave, I was devastated. Those people who say kids will do ok and bounce back, they don’t, ever. And you never get that time back with the one that has to leave the house.

    • Melissa Stevens

      That is so true. Divorce robs us of one parent and its devastating. We don’t bounce back ever. Divorce is selfish.

      • boxerdoglover

        Very true, it is a selfish act. There was no abuse or alcoholism or any of that, my mother just decided she didn’t love him anymore. She wouldn’t get counseling. We fought for years over my father being gone. I hated it.

        • ben repta

          Wow! It’s like you’re describing my situation (currently).
          Except I’m the father (in hell), I have not seen my angels in a year now.
          March 23rd 2012, was the last time I talked to or seen them.

          • boxerdoglover

            I’m so sorry Ben, I’m sure my father felt the same way. My husband was a Pastor and would have couples come to him and say they wanted a divorce. He would say, then why did you come to me, you have already made your mind up. And that is the key here, when one wants counseling but the other won’t do it, there is not much that can be done. But because we all run on “feelings”, then when it gets hard or the spouse isn’t living up to our expectations, then we bail on the marriage, and Christians are not exempt from this. We all tend to forget those words “for better or worse”. In a post modern world that tells you everywhere you look that it’s all about you, then the spouse doesn’t matter and the kids don’t matter as long as we feel good and have our needs met. And then worse, we wonder why the next relationship doesn’t work or why our kids are messed up. No accountability, after all, it’s always the other person’s fault, right? Ben, I will pray for you the the Lord will make a way for you to see the kids and I will pray for you.

          • ben repta

            Thank you so much my beloved sister in Christ. I just stumbled upon this discussion now and although I’m at a all-time low right now, only two things have kept me alive and going: my God given faith to believe and hold on to His promises, and the many prayers of true brothers and sisters in Christ.
            In the precious name of Jesus thank you and may God continue to bless you!
            (Ben Repta)

          • boxerdoglover

            Ben, just trust Him, get in His Word more than ever before. He is in control and will move things and people around to bring good out of this situation. Obviously for us it is never fast enough, but His timing is perfect. I’ll pray He softens her heart so that you can see your children. Always here for you.

          • So sorry Ben, been there, done that.

      • Tara

        Divorce is not always selfish. Yes, there are many, in fact most, that are. I fought for years to stay married but when the abuse started having a negative impact on my son, I realized I was being selfish for STAYING married. I didn’t want to be the “black sheep” of the family so that is why I stayed in an abusive marriage even though counseling wasn’t working and he refused to live for God. Staying married too long (even telling him I was pregnant at all) has had a lasting and negative impact on my son. He is only in 1st grade and he has a long road of recovery ahead of him.

        • violater1

          God Bless you Tara and all that you have endured! Just keep in mind that God never puts on us more than we can endure and your fortitude can only increase your love for Christ and his for you! I pray for a special Blessing for your child and that his mother will impart the love of Christ for him above all! Give him to Jesus through your faith and the Lord will give he and you sustainance and support to endure all things! Praise the name of Jesus Christ in all things!

        • Tasha22

          You do not have to endure abuse! You did the rght thing, the best you could do with the circumstances you had. I hope you meet a good man who will be a good husband afather.

        • boxerdoglover

          Of course there are exceptions to the rule, my first marriage only lasted two years. I was beaten, threatened, cheated on and the list goes on. I had to wait until the right time to leave. I couldn’t tell anyone, not because he threatened them, but because my step father or dad would have killed him and ended up in jail. So of course you would not want to stay in a marriage like that, that’s a given.

      • I’d caution against blanket statements like “we don’t bounce back ever.” Some kids DO bounce back from divorce. I one heard that kids would rather be FROM a broken home than IN a broken home.

      • disqus_r79mQ77IsG

        Melissa. I have come from a family where the parents divorced. I was 9. I had tough years till I was 16. I eventually bounced back and I am now happily married. Its possible for the kids to bounce back. I was fortunate enough to have a stable and loving environment once I turned 16. It was a Godly environment. Gave my life to Christ and He showed me that I had a future that would be 200% better than my past.

    • tholgramar

      You are so, so right. She is wise beyond her years. But of course, I’m sure her parents had something to do with what she had to say. Nevertheless, she is a brave young lady, to even attempt to get a question of that category responded to by those so-called adults. I lost both my parents when I was younger than she and I too, can testify to the need of both a mom and a dad. Not just in name only, but a real mom and dad.

      • boxerdoglover

        My heart aches for you, I can’t even imagine, it was hard enough without my dad.

        • tholgramar

          What happened to your mom? I used to cry myself to sleep when I was a teenager, wishing I could have my mom to hug me and tell me it will be alright. I needed my mother so badly, but I needed my dad to give me protection and just to know he was there. No one knows unless they have experienced being without mother and father.

          • boxerdoglover

            She passed away, I was a late baby for them, so she passed away when I was in my forties.

        • Tomsdaughter

          I’m so happy for you that you mended your relationship with your mother (speaking as one whose adult daughter has cut her off). You blessed your mother with your love.

      • Dropofclearwqter

        My daughter has always had a very sharp mind and has written many, many, insightful essays, none of which had any input from me. SOme things she has written have opened my eyes and allowed me to look from a different point of view, separate from opinions formed from culture. It is possible that this young girl has asked this question all by herself. And thank God for His grace and inspiration. God bless her sweet soul, and keep her fighting.

        • tholgramar

          You said a mouthful there. God bless her sweet soul and keep her safe from all the evil in the world today.

    • edc

      Most divorces are caused because one or both have themselves as the center of their life, the big “ego”, me, I’m more important than anyone, what about my feelings and needs? “I” is always the cener of sin, S – I – N.

    • tom721

      I was crushed for a long time when my dad died when I was 11. I can’t even imagine how it would have been if my folks divorced.

      • boxerdoglover

        I don’t know what I would have done if my father had died then, can’t even imagine what you went through. And back then I didn’t know the Lord, He’s the only One who keeps me together with grown children who don’t want to visit. I’ll never understand the ones who have their parents, yet won’t take the time to visit and spend time with them, because once they are gone, then comes the “I wish I had spent more time with them” regrets. I made sure that didn’t happen and I have no regrets. Thank you Tom, I will pray for you.

  • ConservativeAmerican

    “I believe that God made it that way” Amen and Amen little one.

  • Goo Gwaba

    When people think they are more intelligent than children, they prove the exact opposite.

  • Dwightmannn

    Smart kid, stupid legislators.
    Soon the state will be your mom and your dad,unless we stop this unholy agenda that is being foisted upon us by %2 of the population.
    Marriage is between a man and a woman, period.
    The perverts can have any union they want, just dont call it marriage.
    Next it will be I want to marry my goat or something else equally vile. . .
    There are people that really do see through the smoke that is being forced up our exits, even if they are children.
    That is how easy the truth is to see. . .

    • Tomsdaughter

      I suspect the next fight will be for polygamy, then probably marriage between siblings, etc. etc. etc. Our nation will not survive this.

  • Way to go girl. Insanity has a hard defending itself against facts or common sense. Great question!

  • What a brave little girl and the fact that her legislators couldn’t respond only resounds their pompousness.

  • It has been written! What is black shall be white, what is bad shall be good, what is unrighteous shall be righteous. That day has come. Don’t act surprised, you know what to do!

  • klsparrow

    Not one word from genius politicians.She is just a little girl and does not understand these complicated matters. How dare this 11 years old try to make us look bad and she had the nerve to ask the question twice.TV and news people should;d follow up on the question and ask it again. Will they, hell no. They just report are write what the politicians tell them

  • Won’t see that child standing next to mr Obama when he signs legislation

  • thereareabsolutes

    This young lady is more intelligent than some of our greatest scholars! I thank God for her strength to take a stand on what is right and wrong. Parents = 1 mom + 1 dad. Why is that so hard for people to understand? I appreciate her parents for raising such a smart and courageous daughter who is not afraid to stand for what is right and does not need Washington or the liberals to tell her how and what to think. God bless this family and America.

  • Thats the way God intended it. A father and a mother and not of the same sex either.

  • Wow! That’s really good!!! Well spoken and powerful. What does the Word say? Psalm 8:2 Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infantsYou have ordained strength,Because of Your enemies,
    That You may silence the enemy and the avenger.

  • Gay families adopt kids, so this argument is somewhat irrelevant. I’d rather a child end up in a loving gay home than foster care or with a mom and/or a dad who is unable to take care of them.

    • Tara

      Her argument is very relevant. A big part of the reason Minnesota (which is the state this occurred in) is gearing up to change the law is to “unite families” through marriage. The big argument for allowing gays to marry here is for the legal issues surrounding parenting, life insurance, etc. So when she asked which parent isn’t important, it was and still is relevant to the greater issue at hand.

      • But her argument is that women are feminine and men are the “protectors,” and they both teach her these things. What if one gay parent is the feminine one and the other gay parent teaches her how to change her oil, etc. You don’t need gender to do this; you just need 2 different personalities. What if both my mom and my dad were “rugged” and didn’t teach me about femininity? That cancels out her argument.

        • Anney, while this certainly does occur in some families, most of us are more gender-typical than we want to admit in this day and age. The Bible is the one source of truth, and it says marriage = one man and one woman. This is not to “steal our fun”, but to protect us. We argue against God like a two year old argues against his mother for snatching him out of the path of an oncoming truck: he has no idea of the ramifications of vehicle vs. flesh, but his mother does. He sees her act as “mean-spirited”, but she sees it as life-saving. In the same way, we justify all we deem acceptable to us, and reject what God has to say. What we don’t completely understand, we tend to ignore, but we are not owed an explanation by God.

          • Good explanations. I guess if you take the angle that it’s wrong for this sinful behavior to have equal rights, we are the EXACT same as these individuals with our sin in the eyes of God. Ours is just easier to hide. So if you’re going on the basis that they shouldn’t be allowed equal rights due to their lifestyle being sin in the eyes of God, why do ANY of us get to have equal rights since our sin is the exact same in the eyes of God?

    • Thanks for coming out there, Anney Tate Snyder. (Sarcasm) How old are you, may I ask? 30, 40, 50? The wisdom of this sweet, Godly girl far exceeds your own. Your arguments arise from the sewer. They are specious, and mocking. You’re alive, so what did that mean? Meant a mother and a father for you. See the irony in that? You take what God has given you with one hand and then slap him in the face with the other. Even the animals understand instinctually, via what God put in them, there needs to be a mother and a father. Only in the heart of sinful men do arguments like yours arise. Consider what is in your heart, and your need for Christ and his forgiveness (just as I and all men everywhere need Him), and turn away from rebelling and to Him.

      • thanks for being kind in your reply John. I’m a 33 year old Bible believing (LOVING) Christian psychotherapist woman with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. I attended Biola University and have done MUCH research about the scriptures in the Bible that reference homosexuality and they are all within a specific historical context that no longer applies to us (for example, Lev 18 and 22 have a bunch of other warnings that we don’t follow. Why is that? And in the N.T. there was a specific Greek word for homosexuality that Paul could have used, but didn’t. The original word he used translated to prostitution, not homosexuality) Anyhoo, I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions, off this forum, if you’d like.

    • Tomsdaughter

      Actually it’s about neither. While we all argue about gay marriage, it is the complete redefinition of “marriage” that is sought by the left – not just gay marriage, but the inclusion of any kind of “marriage” (polygamy, etc.). The end goal for the left is to completely undermine Judeo-Christian civilization, and replace it with some silly utopian fantasy. The Judeo-Christian family has been the basic unit of western society, ergo the constant attacks against it. Reducing the word “marriage” to mean anything anyone wants it to mean spells the end of Western Civ. The left knows this very well. Remember their rant in the 1960’s – “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Western Civ has got to go”. Well they have done an excellent job of attempting to bring this to pass. They are experts at the art of presenting “red herrings” for the general population to follow and debate, while their real “work” is hidden. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

  • AMEN. Little Lady. Thank you for your testimony before God.

  • out of the mouth of babes Thou has perfected Praise! Matthew 21:16

  • inspokane

    The educated are so educated they have out-smarted themselves, and the rest of humanity right out of existance…this is the ends of their stupidity if we follow it out to its conclusion and end……. and the honest innocent appoach of truth rings like the bell of Notrodame through the mounth of a child. Smiles….Natural Law cannot be changed…its a law of science,nature and I say of course…God! smiles and God Bless

    • Daniel from TN

      Today’s “educated” leaders are a living example of Romans 1:22 – “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

    • Tomsdaughter

      They really aren’t educated, they are just well schooled in pagan philosophy.

  • the govt does not have authority, whether federal or state, to redefine any terms or words or institutions. The word marriage is an institution ordained by GOD and revealed to us thru the scriptures. It is not up to anyone to change that. If we start doing that, we can redefine murder, stealing and anything else that originated from GOD’s Word. Then the basis of all our laws would come unraveled. And our republic destroyed. We would then be nothing but a jungle of wild animals instead of a civilized society of educated human beings. The fact that we have individuals who have degenerated to this animalistic behavior shows what denial of God’s truth will do

    • Daniel from TN

      You are correct. The perfect example was established in the Garden of Eden. God created just one man and one woman. He created Adam and Eve; NOT Adam and Steve; and NOT Madame and Eve.

  • Brama

    She kindly took no answer… I bet if she were older, she would have had even more gumption to demand one. She’s not only brave, but has been taught very well. Without either parent, none of us would be here. Even nature declares that fundamental truth. I can’t wait to see what she does in life when she gets older!

  • What a smart young girl here and such “dumb”grown ups and did not have the Balls to answer a simple question.This goes to to show how “low” the so called leaders have fallen.Kudos to the girl!

  • sunnyblues

    She received no answer because there is no answer. Thank you, dear, for your courage and convictions. Oh, the answer is you need BOTH your Mom and your Dad.

  • From the mouths of babes. Good job, honey.

  • not a fool

    Imagine that, a child renders the know it all speechless. Priceless!

    • again, um, or maybe it was a rhetorical question and not a Q and A session??/?

      • not a fool

        I believed she was sincere and concern for her future
        and children’s future unlike ours.

        • by repeating a speech her parents wrote?

          • not a fool

            You still must think children are to be seen and not heard.
            Thank God some things have changed!

  • aliceinwonder

    Thank you for your testimony. As is ‘go screw off kid”.

  • Good for you girl!! The reason for no answer as, far as I can tell is, narrowmindedness…..

  • Excellent.

  • BlueViolets

    Out of the mouths of babes….

  • freedomafirst

    Yes, young lady, which parent do you not need? There is no answer from your legislators because they don’t care about children. They prefer hedonism and their own pleasure even at the expense of the family and the future of society. BRAVO!

  • Let’s assume that God created Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve. Ok, done. We wouldn’t be here. This is not real hard to get, although it seems some people haven’t quite figured this out.

  • Bravo ! this young Lady has more sense than many, so called level headed and so called educated adults. It all started with the first marriage surrounding the first couple that conceived children together ,that being Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. One Man and One Woman. a Female cannot be a father nor can a male be a Mother. Father = man/ husband . Mother = woman/wife.once married they become Husband and wife not husband and husband or wife and wife. regardless or not if children come into this sick marriage or not such children will not be a son /daughter to a mom and dad,nor conceived under normal conditions.artificial semination by an outsider nor adoption is a normal condition.ADOPTION and ARTIFICIAL semination is an alternate means of obtaining a child.Such so called marriages are not merely a violation of religious practices but a violation and a blatant attack against God.Homosexuality is immoral and always has been and always will be. Deny Gods word as you may ,and claim their is no God but you best pray their is no Hell.

    • is it wrong for people to adopt or for artificial insemination?

      • Elly

        Adoption is a terrific option, but same sex partners are doing a great disservice to a child by being so selfish. A child needs a mother and a father to grow up normally. It’s already been studied scientifically. Artificial insemination is wrong because it’s artificial. There was no act of love. In vitro fertilization is wrong. Many embryos are created and then those tiny beings are discarded or frozen. What happens to them? Why do people suddenly imagine they are ENTITLED to a child? They want a child just for show? Just to prove a point? Just as a status symbol? It’s shallow and ridiculous. Children are people. They are human beings and all human beings should be treasured as persons.

        • Meghan Schuster

          They are doing a disservice to a children by adopting them and giving them a loving, supportive family rather than letting them grow up without a family? That does not make sense! Should single people not be allowed to adopt either? Isn’t one parent better than none for a child? There are many, many children who need to be adopted, who need a loving family. Why should gay people not be allowed to help give homes to those children?

  • Jude O’Connor

    Out of the mouths of Babes.

  • Jude O’Connor

    A very young boy was asked how he would stop a war? His answer, Take off their clothes”.

  • Charles

    So pretty much being a single mother or father should be outlawed, and with the legalization of gay marriage straight couples would be forced to divorce and partake in same sex relationships. It’s disgusting someone brainwashed this girl to that extreme. She didn’t “Stump” a politician, they couldn’t reply without being rude to an 11 year old.

    • well written

      • Goo Gwaba

        You’re both idiots.

        • what does that even mean?….. I’d truly like you to expound on that and not just throw out mean statements like “we’re both idiots”

          • Goo Gwaba

            If you read what you type and cannot understand why I said that, maybe you lack remedial education.

          • “Goo Gwaba,” Thank you for being kind and showing Christ’s love in your response. I do not lack remedial education. I have a Master’s Degree. I am simply asking you to lovingly clarify why we’re idiots. I simply wrote “well written,” and when looking what you said to review what I typed, I am not understanding why I’m an idiot. Please clarify.

          • Goo Gwaba

            Evidently that “education” was sorely lacking in common sense.

            Also, it seems to me that you equate Jesus with only peace. That would be a severe error in judgement. Jesus came not to bring peace, but a sword. He came to give salvation to those who would heed his words and treat scripture with reverence. Those who choose not to will be held to account.

            I was referring to your prior posts where you were siding with the anti-Christian bigots, by the way, not just this particular post.

    • Elly

      No. That is not the implication. People who favor same sex anything always take it to the extreme. She didn’t sound brainwashed to me. Perhaps she had some coaching. Even adults need coaching before appearing in public. I believe I could have replied without being rude to her. She was quite courteous. We can be courteous to her. You are upset that her question was so straightforward and reflects universal truth.

  • violater1

    This is beautiful and I applaud this young lady! The question is well above his paygrade and his intellectual incompetence for he obviously is incompetent! She proved that ignorrance abounds the halls of political aborations!

  • violater1

    Duh?! Senator,bet you are not smarter than a fifth grader!

  • Out of the mouths of babes!

  • I think the word marriage is not right for Gay Civil Unions. though I do however think they can chose, to adopt, or what ever means they have took to be a parent of a kid, they SHOULD HAVE THAT RIGHT. Marriage is a sacred ceremony between a man and a woman. IT is also a highly religious thing. For the state to discount what the religion is, and cheapen the ceremony, and give the right of “marriage” to same sex couples is wrong. They Need a new word for Gay Marriage. Though MAKE sure to have equal rights as a Marriage has.

    As for 2 parents go Man and A women is best. So the child knows what a proper woman is, and a proper man is. Though, i do not think the effects of same sex couples, and their children are effected too much.

    On the note of why the politicians did not answer, just imagine the uproar on either side of the coin. Not saying anything is the best in a situation like this. This was to prevent unneeded retards on Both RIght and Left, crying about something. For me other than coming out and saying a neutral thing that can be con-strewed to any way the media wants, for or against gays, even though it was an honest truthful opinion that many can agree with. To answer it would be not worth the time to control the spins of the media they would surely take.

    People complementing, the girl reading from a script, coached by the parents. Other than standing in front of a important group, I KNOW she did not write it. she was taught it, to me she is unable to have yet formed her own opinion on the matter. when i was 11 all i wanted was for every one to be happy, ESPECIALLY my parents. For all we know, she could in the future be totally against what she said at this age. Us conservatives consistently cry about indoctrination in schools. But this even though a conservative believe, too me was almost taking advantage of that young girls mind, and even taking advantage of her. Before she could even think about it her self.

    She grew up with her mom and dad, now what if the same girl had a dad and a dad, and the position was to make it illegal and ban gay marriage. How would that go down? she would ask Which dad should i keep? and the same response would come down with the liberals, and conservative politicians. no answer. Her question was not relevant to the situation. Its not like she will loose her mom or dad.

    I think people are taking this issue a bit to personally, Do what you do, in the persuit of happiness and what ever others do that has no effect on yourself, even us conservatives should care less. Isn’t one of the awesome things about what was written in the Declaration of independence, “Life Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” Could have sworn laws where created to protect these three main Ideals, of one another. Now what pisses me off about this country Both Republicans and Democrats seem to forget, if this passes, how does it effect me or any one? If there is no answer then you should have no problem to pass it. IF there is an answer and it effects any of these ideals, they should not be passed. For instance Marijuana should be legal, for both medical and recreational, as well as other produces that use hemp. Because IT effects no one, but the user. other than the smell.

    Both business and civil laws should basically be only there to protect from Serious harm. (not from stupidity) Too much regulation, too big of a government, and too many people in jail. are serious problems. Police, and people that uphold the law should focus on serious laws. Not one just because it makes the money.

  • Thank God for brave people and families;MOM & DAD & CHILDREN

  • It took an 11yr old girl to shut the politicians up. That girl is going to be somebody important some day. Very good question.

  • hrangchal

    Hahaha this is great, good go girl

  • The parent’s of this Little Lady should be so very proud of her! May God’s blessing be on all in her family

  • This sort of thing doesn’t really help the cause in defense of marriage. It’s not different than when liberals put children up to making speeches to further their cause.

  • iamsurrounded

    What a brave young lady, her parents must be very proud. She spoke the truth – God’s design is perfect and for a reason.

  • Out of the mouth of babes

  • Rick

    When legislators or, adults in general can’t reply to a simple question like this maybe they should stop and figure out what is truly important; what some of us already know.

    • again, um, or maybe it was a rhetorical question and not a Q and A session??/?

      • Elly

        Then why did she ask twice?

        • she asked twice for emphasis….attorneys regularly ask twice for the dramatic effect. This was NOT a q and a. It was a speech. It was a part of her speech.

  • None of those spineless bast***s would give her an answer, par for the course!! I suppose you could say she left them speechless…

    • um, or maybe it was a rhetorical question and not a Q and A session??/?

  • ltbl123

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Josiah was 8 years old when he became a King of Israel. Samuel was a very young child when the Lord spoke to him out loud in the Temple. Their greatness was neither their intelligence, their stature or even their station in life, but their willingness to put their trust in God.

  • disqus_o6jdHjbOcJ

    who makes up this nutty stuff???? saying Obama wants to ban all guns is a flat out lie you are feeding to low information voters.

    • disqus_r79mQ77IsG

      if he doesn’t want to ban all guns then why is he pushing for acceptance of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty?

  • Do you think they didn’t reply because it wasn’t a q and a?!?!? It was a rhetorical question, not one to be “debated!” I’m really surprised people didn’t get that …..

  • Bravo!

  • very good question. Loved it.

  • Daniel from TN

    I forgot where this verse is located in the Bible, but it applies to this situation – “And a child shall lead them.”

  • Praise God for her and her parents. 🙂

  • delap

    Very brave and wise girl. So proud of her! Why don’t the rest of us
    get up our courage and stand up for what is known to be right and true?

  • God Bless her and her wonderful parents for raising such a wise child! I just pray Obama doesn’t have her murdered for going against his agenda, like he did his three gay ex-lovers, to coverup his gay lifestyle! We all know Obama cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

  • Meghan Schuster

    Of course she needs both of her parents. But there are plenty of children out there who only have one parent. And the important thing is not gender but being raised in a supportive, loving environment. There are a lot of children out there who need parents, and there are gay people willing to adopt them. Why deny them the right to be raised in a supportive, loving environment just because they would have 2 moms or 2 dads? Would it be better for them to not have parents at all? The legislators didn’t answer because she’s 11 years old, and they felt bad.

    • thanks for sharing…I was called an idiot earlier this week for sharing the same thing…

      • Meghan Schuster

        I saw that. Some people are less-than-mature.

  • Way to go!! Woo hoo!!

  • Colin Bendell

    Someone forgot to teach her about logical fallacies.

  • Adri Blake

    Way to go young lady. That was wonderful. See me on YouTube, Obama is Fired and Obama’s Second Chance.

  • Tomsdaughter

    Remember “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? It was a child who had the courage to point to the truth. Gld Bless this young lady.

  • Sarah K

    Goodness, of COURSE politicians can’t answer that. This little girl was raised with both a mother and a father. Letting a man marry a man or a woman marry a woman does not and will never change the fact that this girl has two parents who love her. Children of same sex parents also have two parents who love them and complete them in the same way that children with a mom and a dad have two parents who love them and complete them. Allowing same sex marriages will not make heterosexual marriage illegal, it will just add a whole new community of parents who love their children. The church picks one issue to focus on at a time. If you want all children to grow up with one mom and one dad, why will you not allow a woman to get an abortion for a child that will be raised in a single-parent home? Why will you allow a man and a woman to get married, have children, then promptly get divorced? You have found the one issue you are against that is not yet legal, and you are fighting for your lives against it, and for what? Same-sex couples will not cease to exist because your religion says it’s wrong. Legalizing same-sex marriage does not mean that same-sex couples will DEMAND to get married in your churches.

    This little girl gave a strong, well thought out speech full of ignorance and lack of understanding for what it’s like to be a same-sex parent or a homosexual. Pray to God, pray to whoever you want, live your life however you wish, but there is separation of church and state for a reason. You cannot force your religion upon all of America, and I’m so, so sorry if you think that you can. The fact of the matter is that gay marriage will eventually be legal in all 50 states, and when that day comes, you will all look like complete jerks for not supporting it from the get go. Just remember: not too long ago, blacks and whites weren’t allowed to get married either.

    • I’m SO glad people of like mind are responding…I’ve been called and “idiot” in the past few days for offering alternative points of view….

  • Bryon Harrelson

    That’s a good question.

  • disqus_r79mQ77IsG

    This same sex unions(I refuse to use the word marriage) are not marriages from God’s perspective. God’s word clearly states that when a man and a woman engage in sex they are married. Example……Jesus when speaking to the woman at the well told her that she had more than one husband bc he knew how many men she had been with sexually. I believe If lawmakers knew that and believed that then this subject matter wouldn’t even be a topic of debate. Government wanted to know who was marrying who and have a trail of paper leading to that married couple so they passed a law that said you have to have a certificate prior to being married by a minister authorized by a state to perform the ceremony. When in actuality you don’t need to have a ceremony. God sees all things. He knows when you marry someone. Adam and Eve didn’t get a marriage license. Because two men cant engage in the act of sex as God intended and two women can’t engage in the act of sex as God intended they are unable to become married.

    • when a man and woman engage in sex they are married?! What about true believers who have pasts of sexual sin….do they “marry” all of their former partners? I’m sorta confused….

      • disqus_r79mQ77IsG

        When God made Adam and Eve he told them to be fruitful and multiply. When they became one flesh they had sex. It was God’s plan for One man and One woman to be married. Because only 2 people lived on the earth God recognized
        Adam and Eve as being married as soon as they had sex for the first time. God didn’t issue any license or proclamation when that happened. Even though the world has completely changed God hasn’t changed. He is the exact same Spirit now as He was at the time of Creation.

  • This is appalling. Utterly appalling. What is it that this girl is being taught? She doesn’t need a mother to learn to be a good woman, just as she doesn’t need a father to be a good woman. What she needs is good people to raise her, which she is obviously not receiving. I will admit that this is a very clever ploy….the fact remains that it is still a ploy. Using the innocence of a child to push an agenda? C’mon people, we are supposed to be better than this. Which parent do i not need? That’s like asking which eye do i not need, or which arm or leg. And just so that we are completely clear on this subject….my mother died… two whole days before i was born. My father was tasked with raising me, along with my older brother and older sister. All three of us turned out perfectly fine. We lead normal lives as upstanding citizens. My brother has a family of his own…and guess what? He teaches his son that it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor, but rather he teaches his son that it is the quality of the person that matters. Equality under the law…..that’s what the founding fathers had in mind. Not equality, so long as it doesn’t offend people. In fact, that’s sort of the definition of equality…..that everyone is equal. I do not approve of Christianity….but I’m not trying to make it so that Christians can’t get married. This is the epitome of what is wrong with our country. This is out and out discrimination…..and what’s worse is that it was taught to a young girl, and because her parents taught it to her, she will believe it’s right and just. The real tragedy here, is that a pair of bigots were allowed to raise a child. Any person who would allow their child to speak such poison should not be allowed anywhere near children, let alone allowed to have children of their own. This is disgusting and it makes me ashamed to be an american.

    • thank you for sharing….I agree completely and am in support for gay marriage equality….how did you stumble across this forum? I had a conservative friend on fb post it and have been commenting throughout……

  • Charlot

    I’m 27 years old and three weeks ago i found out that i am bf was cheating and has even impregnated the other girl. I no choice but to let go, but i met a spell lady who did a spell to make the other lady got miscarriage and brought my lover to me crawling with his knees for forgiveness,. i just know and feel in my heart that I’m doing the right decision 4 me and my lover are getting married soon..

  • Charlot

    I’m 27 years old and three weeks ago i found out that i am bf was cheating and has even impregnated the other girl. I no choice but to let go, but i met a spell lady who did a spell to make the other lady got miscarriage and brought my lover to me crawling with his knees for forgiveness,. i just know and feel in my heart that I’m doing the right decision 4 me and my lover are getting married soon..

  • lori

    You go girl. God bless you!

  • no one had an answer because they are all morons, you need neither, me and my brothers raised ourselves and turned out fine no criminal records or psychological problems. People leave it is nature has been since the beginning of man, so i say its life get over it if you can’t keep it to your selves and butt out of other peoples lives, this has nothing to do with gay marriage and the fact that her asking which parent does she need is stupid. How about this women can go to sperm banks so i guess you do not need a father and gay men can adopt so you don’t need a mother there is you’re answer. Gay marriage should be allowed and all of you who think other wise get a life mind your own business because that gay couple next door is not going to eat you nor will the rapture come if the law is passed look at the current states that have it passed i do not see fire and brimstone raining down upon them, you are all religious nut bags who hate their lives and choose to hinder others to make their lives as miserable as yours, how about you get on your knees and pray to god for him to strike all who desecrate the sanctity of marriage because it is SOOOO sacred, hey btw your pope quit his job could not handle it, where the founder of your religion died for what he believed in, man what a hypocrite you all make me laugh.

  • tom721

    That empty suit at the end should have been applauding, instead of averting his eyes.

  • Wow! Good job! I am just using my mothers phone to wright this but really I am only 11 years old too! Amazing job on your speech! Yes. God certainly made it to be a man and woman! I am so blessed to have both my parents! Good job again with your speech. Now that I saw how many people you were in front of…I probably would of never had the nerve to do that! 🙂

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