Abortion Linked to Metabolic Syndrome, Increasing Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke in Women


new study has found that women with a history of induced abortion were more likely to experience metabolic syndrome compared to women who had never had abortions, increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

Women who had a history of induced abortion were 1.25 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome compared to women who had never had abortions. No significant association was found between women who had a history of spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, and increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

The study, carried out in China, looked at 6,302 women aged 40 or over who answered questionnaires about their lifestyles and medical and reproductive histories, and underwent medical tests.

The researchers found that a history of induced abortion at an early age “could confer a high risk” for metabolic syndrome later in life and that the risk increased with each abortion.

“Our data add to the evidence that induced abortion might cause potential long-term health consequences,” they wrote in their paper, citing studies linking abortion to increased rates of breast cancer in women.

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