Alabama teachers union follows the playbook by using the courts and friendly judges to block education reform


Why do states even bother electing governors and legislators?  In theory, they are chosen by the people to provide leadership for their states and make the crucial decisions that all will abide by.  But that’s not the way it works, particularly when it comes to crucial decisions regarding education.

In state after state over the past few years, brave lawmakers have approved sweeping reforms to bring the destructive power of teachers unions under control, improve the quality of instruction for children, and increase school choice options for families.

And in case after case, news laws have been held up indefinitely because the teachers unions file lawsuits with politically friendly judges, and the judges issue injunctions to keep the law from taking effect until the long hearing and appeals process is exhausted.  It’s an insult to millions of voters who elect state lawmakers and expect action.

The latest example comes from Alabama, where the legislature passed a new law last week that gives schools more flexibility to work around burdensome state regulations. One provision of the law, added at the last minute, would provide state tax credits for parents of children stuck in persistently failing schools to send them to private schools.

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