America’s Future?


There was a time in America when boys could be boys and girls could be girls. Ask anyone over forty and they can tell you how it used to be. At forty-six I can tell you that there were no video games, cell phones, or home computers when I was growing up. We had to use our imaginations. That was a good thing. Look how productive and inventive America has been during its relatively short history. Boys used to play Cowboys and Indians, girls played house, and Christmas was a time to hope for that BB gun or Barbie Doll that just came out. I was lucky enough to have both the Barbie condo and the Corvette. Boys wore plastic Cowboy hats and holsters, and their little silver guns looked realistic enough. Those were the good old days.

Recently there has been a rash of anti-gun stupidity stories permeating our lives. From the boys in Fort Myers Florida who were punished for disarming a would be school shooter, to the pop-tart gun wielding seven year old in Baltimore, or the seven year old in Colorado who had the audacity to throw an imaginary grenade, the anti-gun sentiment is running rampant, especially in our schools. So ask yourselves, folks; Is this really about gun control? We know that the public school system has been indoctrinating our kids for decades. They have pushed God and the moral boundaries that come with Him out of schools. They have blurred the lines between boys and girls. They have taught our children that there is no right and wrong, there is only what is right for you. Damn the consequences.

How did we let this happen? It wasn’t so easy as you might think. The communist ideals have been around for a very long time. The Communist Manifesto was written in the late 1800′s. Karl Marx advanced the cause of this evil ideology. And the Communist Party USA has been here since 1919. Their greatest coup? The infiltration of our public school system where they have systematically changed what it means to our youth to be an American. Our kids are doped up on Ritalin and other drugs and fed a steady diet of union approved, state media promoted propaganda. Parents are afraid of their own children by the time they reach middle school. Children threaten their parents with calls to Child Services and laugh in their faces if they make any attempt to discipline. And there are plenty of parents out there who don’t believe in discipline. They want to be cool parents, to be friends with their kids.

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