Democrat Poll Worker Charged With Multiple Counts of Illegal Voting


A Cincinnati news agency is reporting that three Ohio voters have been charged with voting improperly. One is a nun who voted in place of her nun friend who died before the election. The nun is pleading guilty to the charge and is resigning her position.

Another, Melowese Richardson, 58, a long-time poll worker and (according to today’s broadcast on this story by Fox News) loyal Obama supporter, is charged with either eight or nine counts of voting for other people. They seem to have been mostly relatives of hers. Fox News also adds that she at first admitted to voting twice under her own name. The charges could earn her about 12 years in prison.

Officials in Ohio are not taking this sort of thing sitting down. Signaling a new, get-tough stance, it was reported:

“Board of Elections Director Amy Searcy said Richardson won’t be asked to come back.”

Read the rest at Last Resistance

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