Disturbing tales of teachers sexually abusing students becoming everyday news across the nation


By Victor Skinner

HARRISBURG, Pa.  – Pennsylvania mother Hope Egli sipped from a glass of water, cleared her throat, and took a moment to gather her emotions.

Her hand trembled as she adjusted the microphone and began to detail how her daughter’s public school teacher targeted the teen with unwanted sexual advances.

“He took it upon himself to send sexually explicit text messages to my daughter. These messages, they asked her to join him in his empty study hall room, asked her to basically leave her clothes at the door,” Egli told state lawmakers considering legislation to address sexual abuse of students by educators.

Egli went directly to police, who investigated and eventually found about 12 other young girls who were also harassed and touched inappropriately by the teacher, a popular basketball coach at the school.

Then she learned the rest of his story.

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