Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) the Courts’ Favored Hate Group


The Left loves to issue reports about how conservative groups are actually hate groups and potential terrorists, often comparing them — without any intent of irony — to the KKK, that icon of hate founded by Democrats.

Meanwhile, one of the most active hate groups in this country, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, not only is allowed to continue its anti-Christian activity, it is encouraged and supported by the media and politicians.

The most recent target of the FFRF is a veterans memorial in Coos Bay, Oregon, that has a cross on it. As it typically does, the FFRF is claiming the cross on public property is unconstitutional. The letter sent to the city’s manager claims that the cross is an “endorsement of Christianity over other religions and over nonreligion.”

The monument, which has been up since 1972, was sponsored by the Jaycees and a local bank. Rather than do something positive for the city, such as have local atheists sponsor their own memorial, the FFRF is threatening an expensive lawsuit that will waste public funds if the city doesn’t redesign (in other words, destroy) or remove the memorial, which was a gift to the community.

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