I Don’t Hate Obama, Gay People, or Birth Control


We all know the stereotypes. There are stereotypes for age, gender, race, religion, political party, you name it. And, they make us so angry, don’t they? “I’m a woman, but I’m a GOOD driver!” or “I’m 15, but I’m an OLD soul.” We are all constantly fighting our negative stereotypes. The truth is, stereotypes are developed because people notice patterns. Does that mean they’re all true? No. But, the basis of a stereotype is never completely unfounded.

So, what is the stereotype for conservatives? I can tell you right now. We’re Obama-hating, gay-bashing, anti-birth-control prudes. That’s how the world sees us. Why? Because there are little bits of truth in those descriptive phrases. Most conservatives don’t favor Obama; and most conservatives also favor traditional marriage and despise abortion. But, these beliefs don’t make for haters, like so many liberals assume. They make for a world-view, a political party, that stands for something.

I hate hearing these stereotypes because I know myself. I know how I feel about these issues, and while certain injustices do make my blood boil (and should), I’m not a judgey “hater” who wants the world to be unhappy and unequal.

Let’s walk through each of these incorrect assumptions and unpack the truth behind them.

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