Mom Angry Over Gun Picture in Kindergarten Homework


Shantria Smith didn’t know what to think about the homework assignment her 6-year-old son brought home from school Monday night.

The worksheet from Palmview Elementary has pictures and letters for kindergarten students to add to unfinished words. But one of the pictures is of a realistic-looking semi-automatic handgun.

“The gun was a live picture of a gun, and the other pictures were like cartoon pictures,” Smith said. “That’s very unacceptable. I mean, you’re teaching them to have fun with a gun, bun, etc., instead of teaching them the seriousness of the gun.”

When school ends, Smith’s son goes to aftercare at the Children in the Spirit Preparatory School. A teacher there saw the worksheet when the boy pulled out his homework. “My immediate thought was total shock,” said Dalia Tepper.

Tepper said she grabbed the worksheet before he started his homework.

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