My Fellow Citizens Voted to Steal Money from Me – (SPLOST 4)


On Tuesday of this week, there was a referendum (SPLOST 4) on raising taxes to fund Public Schools in our county. My wife and I voted no for the simple reason that the government has no business taking money from us to pay for the education of other people’s children.

Our children never went to a government school and yet we’ve paid property taxes for more than 30 years to fund these schools. More than $60,000. In addition to paying these forced taxes, we paid for private school tuition and went without many things because of the extra costs.

Here’s how the Marietta Daily Journal reported the story:

“Those in favor of SPLOST [Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax] IV were thrilled with the overwhelming support they received at the polls Tuesday.
“Voters approved $773.3 million for Cobb and Marietta school districts to be raised through a 1-cent special sales tax between Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2018.
“‘My cheeks are a little sore from smiling so much, said John Loud, the co-chair of the pro-SPLOST group United 4 Kids, shortly after the tax got a large push from the ‘yes’ votes.”

“United 4 Your Kids,” Mr. Loud, but not for my kids and grandchildren. You and your government-school supporters worked day and night to get people to the polls to steal from your fellow-citizens to pay for a service for which they should be paying full price.

Read the rest at Godfather Politics

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