Obama Wants to Invest in Infrastructure and Make it Impossible to Build Anything


If you heard one theme that Obama has been on about at the beginning of both of his terms, it’s infrastructure. During his last campaign, Obama even described it as “Nation Building at Home”, implicitly admitting that he beat down America to the level of Iraq or post-war Japan.

All the bridges, we were told, were seconds away from falling down. The highways were full of potholes. The schools were leaning farther than a Pisan tower and if we didn’t build light rail across California, all the illegal aliens would have no choice but to run down pedestrians without a license.

The infrastructure pitch sounds good to a lot of people. But it’s coupled with an environmentalist anti-infrastructure pitch.

Obama wants to spend money building things, but he doesn’t actually want to build them. Instead he wants to spend money not building them. That’s the absurd post-construction phase we’re in.

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