Obamacare Draft Application Is Online with 60-Pages of Description!


Obamacare is now 20,000 pages long and they’re still writing rules!  Sequestration won’t slow any of this down – aren’t we lucky?

Unsurprisingly, the application for Obamacare is a bureaucratic mess. The draft version of the Obamacare application and the 60-page description appeared online without any warning. They can be found here.

It is 15 pages with 21 steps, some steps having additional questions. Three government agencies including the IRS will scrutinize the application for identity, finances, and citizenship. If approved, you then have to pick a health plan. In order to pick a health plan, you have to be familiar with healthcare jargon.

We can’t ask people to get photo ID’s to vote because it’s too confusing and difficult, but we can make them fill out confusing bureaucratic paperwork before they can even pick a health plan. Picking a health plan is also confusing.

The government has to know all about your financial situation because of the subsidies. Lower income people will be forced onto Medicaid, a very poor healthcare system. Medicaid pays doctors so poorly that people in the program must rely on the charity of doctors. Middle class people will get subsidies for a better plan.

Read the rest at  Independent Sentinel

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