Police Remove Math Teacher From School Forcefully and Fired


Police Remove Math Teacher From School Forcefully, Fired for Opposing Planned Parenthood In Classroom

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Let’s see what the score is this week: If you are a teacher in an American public school, nothing can stop you from having your students stomp on Jesus’ name, telling students that 9/11 was America’s fault, and having kids as young as 12 perform in a play that endorses bestiality and calls Mary, Mother of God, a lesbian.  What you cannot do, however, is tell your students that you oppose Planned Parenthood and abortion.

For the last 11 years, Bill Diss has been teaching math at Benson High School, a public high school in Portland, Oregon. On March 19, however, he was placed on paid leave with the school recommending that he be permanently dismissed. His forced leave started when police escorted him off the campus after giving him only minutes to collect eleven years’ worth of possessions.

What was Diss’s crime, a crime so serious it required a police escort to remove him from the school grounds? Diss, who is a staunch Roman Catholic, refused to allow two Planned Parenthood employees into his classroom because, he said, they did not present proper identification. The controversial organization, which provides some basic women’s health care, with an emphasis on providing birth control and abortions, and treating sexually transmitted diseases, showed up in his classroom because Portland’s school district, with funding from the federal Department of Health and Human Services, has teamed up with Planned Parenthood to try to prevent teen pregnancy.

When the Planned Parenthood representatives complained, Diss was reprimanded and the Planned Parenthood workers were then allowed to go ahead with their presentation. The school district claims, however, that Diss wouldn’t back down but, instead, interrupted their presentation.

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