Real World Evangelism – Grand Canyon Part 2 (Taking Pleasure in Difficulties!)


In Part 1 I shared Lee’s conversion on the Grand Canyon Raft trip and told you I’d share some life lessons that I learned from this experience.  By the way, this information is contained in a DVD entitled, “Enjoy the Ride” (see link below).  We will tie all this together, hang on!

The day after Lee’s conversion I intentionally got on his boat.  I had not been able to sleep that night. You see, my fear was that Lee would not grow in his faith.  I’ve seen many people who “walk forward” and then never see any sign that Jesus is the Lord of their life.  So, I wanted to find a way to turn the conversation to spiritual matters.

The one thing that came to my mind as I tossed and turned that night was something my dear friend Mark Cahill once told me.  He said, “Evangelism is a conversation, not a presentation!”  This has stuck with me for a long time.

As we floated down the river I sat next to Lee and started up a conversation.  I asked him, “Lee, what do you want to be when you ‘grow up’?”  I was messing with him.

Lee responded with, “I want to be the lead boatman!”  I then asked him what is the most difficult part of being a boatman and he responded with, “Learning how to run the rapids!”  That was especially interesting to me because that is the part that I love the most on the trips!  So, I asked him how he was taught to run the rapids.  His response provided the opening that I’d been praying for!

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