School was wrong to make student remove Marines t-shirt


A couple weeks ago we told you about an Illinois teacher that ordered a high school student to remove a Marines t-shirt because it depicted “violent behavior.” It was the latest in a long line of ridiculous overreactions by school employees fearful of guns, things that could look like guns or images of guns.

The Times News of Pennsylvania weighs in:

School officials at times must make a judgment call on whether an article of clothing represents a rules violation or simply a freedom of expression.

The Genoa-Kingston Middle School in Illinois recently made news after a reading and language arts teacher told a student to remove a U.S. Marines T-shirt that depicted intersecting rifles across the chest. Michael McIntyre, 13, was told by the teacher that his shirt was inappropriate and violated the school’s dress code. The teacher reportedly said that if he didn’t cover the shirt, he faced suspension.

The boy’s father, Dan McIntyre, said his son immediately complied with the teacher’s demand and that he learned about the incident when his son came home from school. He said the teacher reportedly went to the principal, but that nothing was said to his son.

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