See Police Confiscate Guns From Americans


Is it possible – or even imaginable – that in the United States of America, police could go door to door and confiscate citizens’ legally owned firearms?

To many, such a concern is conspiratorial and evidence of paranoia. They might be surprised to learn that not only has outright gun confiscation of legally purchased weapons already occurred in a major way in the U.S., but public officials in some areas are right now attempting to pass legislation to allow more of the same.

Alas, with the national furor over multiple new gun restrictions being proposed by President Obama via “executive action,” in Congress, in state legislatures and in municipalities, the plan being forwarded by officials in Guntersville, Ala., this week drew scarcely a mention in the media.

Mayor Leigh Dollar says that in case of an emergency or crisis, she wants police officers to have the authority to “disarm individuals, if necessary.”

Watch the videos and rest the rest at WND

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    • refurb001

      Share what? My lead? Legally owned guns are NOT the property of the government. This sounds like a government takeover (illegally). Where are the courts?

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    I guess the message here is loud and clear from our so called ‘LE’…if they knock, shoot while you can. Real nice LA LE….very good PR. You guys just made the jobs of very LE in every city 10x more difficult. Immoral; unjust…and just plane stupid. Don’t give dumbasses badges or guns.

  • inspokane

    Live by the sword , die by the sword…that being said. It is a God given right to protect, Property, life and limb. We have so many LOW info voters Who believe the medea, that is sold out to the communist ideology. If you look what Hitler did. The Dems are following the exact blueprint right down to the smallest details. Its just people cannot think for themselves anymore. We have become complacent and Lazy. It is the educated to the max liberals who think they know everything. I would say to them. God is coming. LOOK up TETRAD< The blood red moons and the Sackcloth moons that fall on the Jewish feastdays. Starting in 2014, 2015. SEE 119 ministries and see Prophecy. Also Watch the video, The Message of GARABANDAL< I went there. I seen so many miricles with my own eyes. I have known of this in Catholic Grade school. It is true. and I think it is all coming to a head next year. Wow. God is comingand it is not like anyone thinks. Especially all the smart people and the sophisticated people. Look up the word sophisticated. Its much like what the bible says about overly intelectual people. love all GB jer

  • TheSunDidIt

    Don’t forget folks, this was under BUSH. Obama will be much worse.

  • TheSunDidIt

    By the way, IF they do not present you a warrant authorizing their “search” then I would fire on them if they tried to force their way into my home. I think MOST Americans feel the same way. It’s about “control” and not about safety for these people. How many of you served the nation defending liberty already? Thought you were done didn’t you?

  • Great police dept leave N O rotten non American-fire them all and expecially the one who gave the order! They who! Thankful if we take them here so now I’m disarmed and the gangs are not???

  • Why is there a Muslim symbol on the police cars???

  • When they break thru your door go for head shots cuz you know the bastards are wearing armored vests.


  • Molon,,,,

  • this is why Americans are not giving up their guns, good honest, humble and weak need protection and from the looks of that lady that the burly cop beat on it would appear she and those like her need protection from…COPS! Did this lady have her legal possessions taken? YES! Was it done according to the Law of this nation as outlined in the US Constitution? NO! Did the man choose of his own accord to use force which was unnecessary, violent, excessive, and abusive? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! That man should be in prison then and those who sent him there, assisted him and covered his A$$ afterwards are accessories before, during and after the fact and should be held equally accountable to the victim and since they were violating our US Constitution doing it, they should not be indemnified under the cover of performing work in law enforcement, they should lose their jobs they held at that time (for life), careers (for life), houses and cars to repay the aggressive violations of numerous human and civil rights.
    How many Nazi’s claimed innocence by claiming they were under orders and their actions were part of the war? ALL OF THEM!!!! Just before they hung those Nazi’s they explained there were laws, unwritten higher then any man could write and that law was violated, then they hung them under that law. In the same exact way we need to see these men brought publicly to justice. The woman should be allowed to sue the officer(s), to take their homes, cars, savings and up to 50% of their income for life to repay the damage done to her.

  • While training in the US Army we were told that not only did we have a RIGHT to disobey an unlawful direct order, we had a DUTY to disobey it.
    why did these men not do this? What is wrong with them? They all had to swear under oath to DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES, did they not realize they were violating the 2nd Amendment? How can they work in Law Enforcement and not know the Amendments or the Constitution?


    I have tried unsuccessfully to volunteer as a member of the NRA-ILA Speakers Bureau. I did it at one time but gun control kind of went away for a while and I never heard back from them. Now I can’t get them to return phone calls (from voice mail messages, no live person answering), or to answer my emails. Are they serious about educating the public to curb the gun grab, or not? Anyone with connections, please have them contact me. We all need to spread the word.

  • Dave

    Listen up!

    The POTUS has made the plan to have a civilian military just as well armed as the US Forces.

    The civilian military is being formed right now under deception of the Home Land Security.

    Their arsenal was first issued large quantities of bullets. The style was hollow point.

    This type of bullet is not to be used in combat.

    The next installment was assault rifles which would fire these bullets.

    The latest acquisition is armored vehicles and tanks.

    Home Land Security as of yet has not been deployed to the Mexican Boarder.

    This is what this administration has done.

    Slapped Arizona with a law suit for enforcing US border security.

    Stepping up gun removal from l eagle US citizens.

    Is the POTUS expecting an invasion of the US?

    Should this be true. it is very important for the US citizens to be able to defend this great country.

    YES! We the people need to be ready to defend our freedom, even from our own government.

  • EagleJim

    I wonder how many Germans saw what was being created by Hitler, and strongly suspected what was coming but, as individuals, were powerless to stop it because there was no organization to manage such an effort.

  • M. Padgett

    I have to say I am offended by the recent vigil directed at bashing Police Officers. I understand there are situations going on in the world and America that are less than desirable, however, not all Police departments or Officers are bad. I AM a Police Officer and I believe in accordance to Romans 13: 1-5 I am commissioned by God and I do serve HIM in this capacity.

    I am asking as a Christian brother to research and have all facts correct before a stereotype is formed and directed at all Officers to include those of us serving God.

    M. P.

  • coramdeooo7

    TO be fair I know one of the CHP officer that was involved in the incidence with the elderly lady and that clip is a right wing propaganda video. We on the right need to be honest and we are as guilty as the left. The video didn’t show the lady closing the revolver and threatening the officers , it doesn’t matter if the person is 15 yrs or 80 yrs they still can pull a trigger . I am a member of the NRA and this is very disappointing.

  • When people put more faith in the constitution and not the word of God this is what you get. You have brought this on yourselves.

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