Supreme Court + Prop 8 Does Not = Equality


According to an MSNBC poll, 70% of Millennials (that’s us, guys) are pro-gay marriage. This morning, I heard another liberal network say the number was 80%. That’s a big percentage. I offered up that stat and asked Young Patriots what they thought of Proposition 8 being brought before the Supreme Court today, and man, some of their reactions hurt my heart. A few answers I read such as “God hates fags,” or the other extreme “Let it happen – gays deserve equality – how does it hurt you?” both saddened me.

First things first. Saying something like “God hates fags,” not only reveals bitterness and anger in your heart, but also gives God a bad name. What He hates is SIN. God hates murder. God hates a lying tongue. God hates feet that race to do wrong. Etc.

I don’t think its right to have sex with someone you’re not married to, but I don’t rally against people who live with their boyfriends. Their apartment above mine doesn’t affect me one bit, so I understand the reasoning of the camp that says, “Republicans – what’s it to you?! Why don’t you just let them be equal and happy?”

Here’s the thing. Man – I love people. Gay, straight, sleeping around, shooting up – whatever. What a person does doesn’t define them. Conservatives (and Christians alike) are not to condemn a people group. The sad reality is that many do. But, you can still stand against gay marriage without being a hateful person. Saying that “God hates gays” is completely contrary to God’s character and is a very viscous thing to say. Would you go up to your father who drinks too much and say, “God HATES alcoholics!”

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