The FEES Are Coming, The FEES Are Coming!


Funny thing about any state or federal government is they want you to pay more for many things but they don’t want you to be able to deduct it, or have any benefit from it. You are just the source of monies to pay for whatever fee they have decided to tack on to any item. I have just a few examples of both state and federal fees that I am expected to pay for but from which I will receive nothing at all. Some fees are in your face and obvious, many are buried in hundreds of pages.

For example, I submitted my renewal papers for my nursing license, and noted the fee increase. They want $10 increase for an “educational fund”. Funny thing is this fund and agency has never educated me in any way shape or form. I suppose you could call it “an education” to read the renewal form and figure out all their legalese and submit your fee which at this time is tax deductible. The fee of $140 goes up to $205 if you are one day late. Hardly seems fair, such a huge penalty for one day…and makes me wonder which “California fund” this goes into and where it isreally spent. If there are, for example, 70,000 RN’s times $10 education fee, it is a whole lot of moolah. I am curious where the late payment penalties go and what fund they put them into. If 20,000 RN’s pay one day late, $65 times it is 1.3 million dollars. If you add that to the regular fees without penalties, you get a nice $ 2 million approximately in the pot for ‘education’.  Are you starting to see how the sneaky fees add up?

I pay my property taxes. If I want fire protection where I live I must pay a fee of $120. This money goes into a “general fund”, where I have a nagging feeling my fire protection fee will be spent somewhere else. This cannot be deducted as a tax because it is a fee.

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