When Governments Attack


You are likely seeing posts about the coming “right-wing attack,” meant to foment more support for gun control. But what the government isn’t going to allow the lamestream media to tell you is, it is they who are planning an attack. Patriotic citizens just go about their daily lives until WE come under attack. The attack has been subtle. A slow encroachment on our civil rights, so tiny that we hardly notice. Innocuous things like telling you how much water should be in your toilet or how bright a light-bulb is. Then government ups the ante, and forces you to buy medical insurance in an obvious money grab for their dark and devious desires.

Government then implements the final phase, which is to get our guns. This has been done so many times in so many other countries with devastating results to the population, it’s amazing they would have the guts to try it; but they do.

Currently our government is attacking guns with a ferocity unheard of in American history. They propose egregious laws, more taxes so much so, that the cost of weapons have doubled in many cases, and the availability scared. And it’s not just guns they have affected, because a gun without bullets is an expensive club. The cost of bullets has exceeded gold, but not just because of the demand from freedom-loving patriots, but because the government uses OUR money to buy bullets by the billions.

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