Wisconsin teacher program treats Thanksgiving like alien invasion, undermines American history


CREATE Wisconsin, a teachers training program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, has more than one item on its questionable agenda.

First and foremost is its fascination with the concept of “white privilege,” and the theory that it causes millions of minority children to struggle in school and be unfairly placed in special education programs.

The program encourages teachers to customize education to minority students as much as possible, since it claims it’s unfair to expect them to succeed in today’s K-12 classrooms.

But CREATE Wisconsin is about much more than education. It seems clear that most of the people behind the program have a dim view of the United States, its history, and its socio-economic system. If they’re not avowed Marxists, these folks are the next best thing.

They obviously expect K-12 teachers who attend their events to incorporate radical political messages into their daily lessons, regardless of the grade level they teach. Their goal seems to be the political indoctrination of students into their leftist movement. Perhaps they consider that a necessary first step toward an eventual social revolution that will recreate America in their preferred image.

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