9/11/13: a call for a national day of prayer and fasting


When America’s founders faced challenges, they often had the wisdom and insight to call for a national day of prayer and fasting.

America is facing challenges today that, in many ways, rival anything seen since the start of World War II.

There’s a concerted effort to redefine marriage as any union between people, regardless of sex, possibly regardless even of the number of participants in that union and possibly even regardless of the status of blood relationship between them.

America continues to abort unborn babies by the millions and has now moved further in the direction of euthanasia on both ends of the life spectrum – possibly even making it a matter of national, state-controlled health-care mandates.

American foreign policy seems directionless, no longer with the primary concern being national security, but in fostering and fomenting change for the sake of change and breaking down the barriers of national sovereignty.

Government seems determined to enforce a monopoly on force by making it more difficult for Americans to exercise their constitutionally protected right to procure and bear firearms.

Government and cultural institutions are breaking down the pillars and principles upon which self-government has been built.

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