A Tale of Two Speeches: Obama and Tebow Give Americans a Stark Choice



Earlier that day, I streamed the live broadcast of President Obama addressing Planned Parenthood’s annual gathering in Washington D.C. This smaller, low-profile event in front of a modest gathering of 1000 Planned Parenthood volunteers and supporters, was Obama’s proxy speech given in lieu of the gala’s keynote speech he stepped down from just two days earlier.

While not as prominent, Obama’s early morning remarks were full of the tired euphemisms we’ve come to expect from this, “the most pro-abortion president ever to hold the office.” There was the president’s faux amazement at the crowd’s enthusiastic reception… the promise of continued unwavering support from the White House… the predictable aspersions cast on the prolife community.

What was conspicuously missing from this speech however, was one simple, yet notable word: Abortion.

Despite the fact that last year Planned Parenthood performed a record number 333,964 abortions, generating more than $150 million to this “non-profit” government-subsidized organization, Obama never once mentions it.

Instead he skirts around the weighty issue with gentler nomenclatures like “women’s healthcare” and “reproductive rights.” Obama even throws around the term “pro-choice,” clearly not having received the Planned Parenthood memo from February which announced this word was no longer a part of their lexicon. But hey, for a president who has steadily increased Planned Parenthood’s government funding to record levels of $542 million in 2012, I think America’s largest abortion provider will let his gaffe slide.

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