Beware When Your Enemies Say Nice Things About You


An article in yesterday’s USA Today ((April 16, 2013, p. 10A.)) about Focus on the Family caught my attention: “Praise the Shift by Focus on the Family.” It was written by Tom Krattenmaker, a writer who specializes in religion in public life. He believes that there is common ground between Christians and secularists. There are certainly a lot of people who are not committed atheists of the hard stripe variety or militant homosexuals like Dan Savage whose pro-homosexual and anti-Christian attacks are relentless and vile.

Krattenmaker is thrilled that the folks at Focus on the Family seem to be dialing down the rhetoric. I’m for that, but the people at Focus need to be careful. While they’re playing the “can’t we all get along” game, their opposition is working double-time to subvert the moral foundation of America. No matter how kind we are, and we should be kind, we must never forget that there is a cadre of activists who will never quit until they get their way.

Liberals know how to win. They will do anything and everything to trip up their opposition. They will even say nice things about their enemies so their enemies will put down their guard.

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