Changing Definitions Doesn’t Change Reality


I’ve decided to change the name and definitions of some words and thus their meaning. Anyone having a problem with it or tells me I can’t is a bigot, racist, homophobe, etc.

From now on, the word dog will be asteroid, because I’ve always wanted to walk an asteroid. Wow, that was easy. Let’s do another. I will change the word walk to can opener.Why? Because I want to. Ok, this is working so well, let’s do one more. Let’s change crap to Obama. Now let us use them in a sentence. “Son. make sure when you take the asteroid out for his can opener, you pick up his disco.” I like it.

But, you may say, the old words perfectly describe the act and objects quite well. They’ve been called dog, walk, and crap for a long time. Everyone already knows and accepts them as their original names. It’s tradition. Why change them now? Because I want to, and if you don’t let me I’ll sue you to get the names changed.

Well, obviously that scenario is ridiculous, but is it anymore absurd than changing the meaning of a relationship that is thousands of years old?

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