CT Governor’s Office Threatens Veteran With Arrest For Questioning Gun Ban



We received the following email from retired U.S. Navy veteran Geoff Ross. After speaking with him via phone, Ross sent us an email, in which he claims that Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy’s officer threatened him with arrest by the Connecticut State Police after he tried numerous times to get answers to questions about the governor’s sweeping gun measures that he signed into law.

We also called the governor’s office and while we were not threatened as Mr. Ross was, we were met with a bit of hostility for probing questions regarding the constitutionality of the gun ban.

Dear Patriots across America,

Yesterday and today I called the office of Governor Malloy in CT with several questions regarding the Unconstitutional gun and 30 round magazine ban he just illegally signed into law.

I asked if the Governor had a weapon I asked if the aids who were taking my phone calls carried and owned guns.


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