Dear Democrats: What is Marriage?


If I could ask the Democratic Party one question it would be this: what is marriage? This is the most important question surrounding the marriage debate, and it’s the one that rarely gets asked.

We have two, competing views of marriage in our society today. Unfortunately, these views are almost totally incompatible. This is why the debate rages so fiercely.

Generally, those who lean left on the issue believe that marriage is:
– romantic feelings that the government incentivises with federal benefits and tax breaks.
– a private agreement between two people, without any public ramifications involving the natural rights of children and their parents, or the natural rights of the spouses to one another.
– Not objective, but subjective and open to change by society.
– temporary; dissolvable at any time by either person, which means that the divorce can be enforced by the government against the will of one party and the will of their children.
– not a way to attach children to their mothers and fathers, and their parents to one another.

Generally, those who lean right on the issue believe that marriage is:
– a pre-political institution that arose because of the needs of children and serves as the foundation for a free society.
– a public institution, since it has an impact on those who were not privy to the marital vows (namely, the children who are born into the marriage, which must include the children’s relatives and descendants as well).

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