“Expert”: Pressure Cooker Bombs “Right-wing Signature”


As the media and government officials scramble around and decide on who to blame for the bombing, many liberals like Chris Matthews have already speculated that it was probably a right-wing extremist because of the significance of Tax Day and Patriot’s Day. Those days don’t have any significance to the Muslim world, so it doesn’t make sense to blame them.

Obviously, it’s one of those Timothy McVeigh types. You know, white, racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic Tea Partiers who want to blow up the government. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the Tea Party isn’t actually about advocating for smaller government and therefore more freedom for Americans. There’s a very sinister conspiracy hidden deep within the Tea Party movement. They’re actually about killing innocent people in terrorist attacks so that the government can have an excuse to grow. Liberals should appreciate the Tea Party.

Even a Senior U.S. Counterterrorism expert told CNN that the use of pressure cookers in explosives is a signature for right-wing extremists. Never mind the fact that the supposed “right-wing” terrorists never used pressure cookers in their explosives.

And never mind the fact that it was an Al-Qaeda publication that recommended the use of pressure cookers to their aspiring terrorist readership. In a 2010 article entitled, “How to Make a Bomb in Your Mom’s Kitchen,” it listed which ingredients would be needed in order to make an explosive device from common household appliances. But it said that the prescribed concoction only works in a highly pressurized environment. “The pressure cooker is the most effective method,” it advised.

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