First Transgendered Character to Appear in Mainstream Comics


Pop culture has led the “gay way” and is now pushing the transgendered. We get a daily dose of homosexual themes in films and television. Homosexual groups read scripts to insure that they portray homosexuals in a way that’s acceptable to the “gay community.” I call it “positive censorship.”

Even the portrayal of children as “gay” is not unusual. The Jack Black film School of Rock portrayed middle-school boy “Billy” (nicknamed Fancy Pants) as a costume designer who played a budding homosexual with stereotypical limp-wrist mannerisms.

Billy tends to act quite effeminate and girlish, shown when he calls his outfits for the band ‘Glitter Rock, Glam and Fabulous.’”

The comic book industry has been on the front lines of normalizing homosexuality — from the Flash and Alpha Flight’s Northstar character to Rawhide and Batwoman. Now we’re learning that DC, the publisher of Batman and Superman, is adding a so-called transgendered character to its stable of characters:

“Once banned from the world of mainstream comic books by the infamous Comics Code Authority, LGBT characters now have a stronger presence in the world of superhero comics than ever before, with gay and lesbian heroes like Batwoman, Northstar and Green Lantern Alan Scott openly declaring who they are — and even getting married. Today, DC Comics told Wired that it will continue to expand the LGBT diversity of its superhero universe by introducing the first openly transgender character in a mainstream superhero comic.

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