Golden Dawn Nazi Movement Expanding to U.S., Other Countries


The situation in Greece is ugly and getting uglier by the day.  Not only economic devastation and mass poverty, but crime and growing civil unrest are plaguing the country. More and more, Greeks are looking for scapegoats.

Unfortunately, history is repeating itself. Like Germans in the last century, Greeks are beginning to blame Jews and immigrants for their troubles. Greek officials have stopped people in the street in immigration sweeps just because they looked “different” and arrested those who don’t have the proper papers.

The prime mover behind all of this and the group that has most benefited from the turmoil and chaos is the Golden Dawn, Greece’s third most influential political group.  The Golden Dawn, which is both political party and cultic philosophy, is being called neo-Nazism by the media, but there’s nothing new about it. This is a resurgence of Nazism led by a group whose predecessors were in the thick of the Third Reich hierarchy, as Godfather Politics wrote about in August.

The Golden Dawn has been successful enough that it is now expanding to other countries. According to the Guardian, Golden Dawn has opened offices in Germany, Canada, Australia and the United States, pursuing its vow to “create cells in every corner of the world.”

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