Islamic Flag to Fly Over White House


Not long after Barack Hussein Obama first took office in 2009, I’ve been saying that he is a Muslim and not a Christian as he claims.  He has done everything to assist Muslims and hinder Christians.  He has hosted Muslim leaders who have vowed to destroy America.  He gives billions of dollars and weapons to Islamic extremists, yet he refuses to help a Christian family that only wants to homeschool their children.

I am convinced that Obama has been actively paving the way to change America from a Christian nation to Muslim nation, and I’m not the only one.  Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam also believes it will happen and it will happen soon.  On March 18, 2013, Abu Islam was interviewed on Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV in Egypt.  Here is what he said:

Islam: “We have four large Islamic groups: The Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and Al-Gama’s Al-Islamiyya.  These are four significant powers.  Is there anyone more qualified to lead the country than the Muslim Brotherhood?  Then let the Muslim Brotherhood assume this responsibility.”

”Who should be in charge of religious affairs in Egypt?  The Salafis.  Is any group more qualified that the Salafis to regulate ideology?  I choose the Salafis to run Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Religious Endowments.”

“We are left with the army and the police.  Which is the best to run the police?  The Muslim Brotherhood?  No.  The Salafis?  No.  Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya is the best for the job.”

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