Military Cancels Memorial Day Fleet Week Appreciation Event While Government Spends Nearly $1 Million on Empty Bank Accounts


In 1984, the New York City area has hosted Fleet Week during the Memorial Day holiday.  It’s the community’s way of showing appreciation to members of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.  In recent years, the event has welcomed over 6,000 members of the military.

Fleet Week consists of all kinds of shows and events that last for most of the week.  A number of celebrities join in the programs to entertain and say thank you to our troops.  Please read the pleas below from a father of three active military personnel and from Medal of Honor Recipient, Col. Jack Jacobs, US Army Ret. as they strive to help keep Fleet Week alive.

However, Fleet Week this year has been cancelled by the military due to the sequestration budget cuts.  The news is not setting well with many local people for several reasons, the most important being the ability to say thank you for their service.  Secondly, the cancellation will cost area businesses over $20 million in lost revenue.

Over the past few years, the Navy has spent around $10 million of Fleet Week and due to sequestration they say they have had to cancel this year’s celebration.  Various organizations including the USO are doing everything they can to raise enough funds to still host the event.

I find it difficult to understand why the Obama administration would go so far out of their way to hurt our military personnel just to try to make a political point.  They have used sequestration to reduce military training and to eliminate the military tuition assistance program for active members.  If you would like to help thank our sea faring military members for their service, go to USO and make a donation.

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