Mission to Honduras: A trip that touches lives forever


When leaving the San Pedro Sula airport, the van carrying 15 excited, chattering Aiken residents grew quieter as they began taking in the sights of Honduras

A few “wows” were murmured as they looked through the tinted windows at dilapidated homes and litter lining the roads, police standing in the streets with assault rifles, horse-drawn carts and people roaming through traffic selling small souvenirs or fruits in efforts to make a little money.

That was the beginning of one of the most memorable and touching spring breaks that this group had ever experienced.

The Honduras Agape Foundation

The trip was organized through the Honduras Agape Foundation, an Aiken nonprofit organization that was initiated in 1999 as a foreign mission ministry of South Aiken Presbyterian Church to help the Quimistan community rebuild after Hurricane Mitch tore through the country and destroyed many homes.

The mission of the foundation expanded from reconstructing houses to offering education assistance to children and teenagers, building classrooms or other necessary structures for schools, providing dental care, conducting a water cleaning project, installing justa stoves in homes for cleaner air and sharing the creeds of Christianity.

Several local churches are now involved in assisting the efforts of the Foundation.

Each year, several groups head to Honduras to help with construction, hold vacation Bible school and to interact one-on-one with the individuals who the Foundation is helping.

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