More Brazen Power Grab Attempts, and a ‘Complicit’ Mainstream Media


Mark Steyn has commented, repeatedly, that “He who controls the narrative controls the debate.”  That observation, however, should not be news to anyone. America is living a nightmare that makes “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” look like a picnic orchestrated by pixies. If the topics presented are frightening, the media’s performance is worse. Facts are either hidden from us or are perverted into something they aren’t. Two stories that appeared this week are offered as evidence.

Hidden: Senator Ted Cruz (R. Texas) this week released information about six cases that were brought, by the Lyin King’s administration, to the Supreme Court in 2012. The Court dismissed them.  These cases were attempts by the government to grab unheard of control over individual freedoms. In six, separate cases, the federal government attempted to:

  • Electronically track Americans without their consent and without cause.
  • Divest persons of their private property without making fair compensation.
  • Dispense with statutes of limitations on incidents that transpired years ago, in order to initiate lawsuits.
  • Federally mandate who churches chose as ministers.
  • Override state laws based on presidential caprice.
  • Fine the public without a fair hearing.

Were you even aware of this? Think this information is scary? Those cases were all ruled on and unanimously dismissed. It bears repeating: So horrendous were these attempts at seizure of control that the Lyin’ King’s own Supreme Court Justices made them unanimously kaput. Yet only Senator Cruz’s office publicized this news. It was subsequently covered in a small article in CNS News. Senator Cruz applauded the fact that the Supreme Court had knocked down six cases of attempted tyranny. He said those cases demonstrated “…an astonishing view of federal power on behalf of the Obama Administration. Luckily, we do not have to live in that America…” Senator Cruz was optimistic. Perhaps he should have added “Not yet.”

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