On “Keeping faith sequestered in the Church”


That (in the title, up there) is one of the favorite phrases used by liberals to silence Christians.

They say we should keep our faith out of the public square, behind our church doors and in the pews.  It should be “private.”  They tell us that Jesus and God wouldn’t approve of our engagement in the general discourse.

Were it not so dangerous, these kinds of comments and demands would be funny.  Let’s use an example.

Let us go back in time and recall the Civil War again.  Ulysses S. Grant attacked Robert E. Lee in 1864, he pushed the Confederate army back to Richmond and Petersburg.  Unable to abandon the capital, Lee dug in to prepare for Grant.  However, the Union did not attack, as the positions were well fortified, and instead besieged the cities.

Lee’s forces began to dwindle.  He had dug into a strong position, but lost the ability to maneuver or resupply effectively.  The Confederate army grew weaker as the winter wore on, spelling doom for Johnny Reb the following spring.

Now, why do I bring this up?

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