School board memorializes Thatcher as ‘relentless champion of freedom’


CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – There must be something in the mountain streams that inspires a love of freedom in Douglas County, Colorado.

A few years ago, the school board created a first-of-its-typecounty-wide school voucher program, giving students the freedom to attend private schools and allowing state dollars to follow the student. The local education monopoly voluntarily broke up its monopoly.

Then it created a rare opportunity for taxpayers by holding open contract negotiations with its teacher union. The move let taxpayers see what really happens behind the scenes.

Now, the school board has passed a resolution honoring the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died last week.

Carrie Mendoza, a Douglas County school board member, issued the following statement about the resolution:

“Here in Douglas County, Colorado our choice policy mirrors her work.  Our comprehensive framework touches on a continuum of critical education reform issues including: charter school funding equalization, vouchers, traditional school autonomy, rewarding high performing teachers, and more.

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