School to Homeschool Family: Obtain Approval or Accreditation or Else!


In March 2013, a Kansas district court dismissed a truancy case against homeschooling parents Tom and Caroline Evanson (names changed to protect privacy).

Since homeschools operate as private schools in Kansas, when the Evansons began homeschooling they followed the applicable law and registered a private school with the state. But in August 2011, they enrolled their daughter in public school again.

After three semesters of watching their daughter suffer from bullying and of strongly disagreeing with some of the public school course content, the Evansons withdrew their daughter to homeschool again. Registrations don’t expire, so when they resumed homeschooling it was not necessary to register their home-based private school again.


But the school district decided to challenge the Evansons’ homeschool program, and the family contacted Home School Legal Defense Association. Despite the Evansons having filed the correct paperwork to withdraw their daughter from public school, the school district notified the county attorney that the Evansons’ daughter was truant.

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