Self-Pity – the DNA of Sexual Obsession


Our youth are falling prey to sexual sin and sensuality. However, the reason for these sins started much earlier in their life. Following is a lightly edited revison of a recent post on self-pity.

Driven by self-pity, Amnon became a sexual predator. He was a disgusting, pathetic, miserable young man. He is someone you need to understand.  The Holy Spirit has something for you to learn regarding Amnon.

The core information about Amnon is written in 2 Samuel 13:2. All of the other events in this sad narrative flow from this one observation:

“Amnon became so obsessed with his sister Tamar that he made himself ill. She was a virgin, and it seemed impossible for him to do anything to her.”

Obviously Amnon was sexually obsessed with Tamar. But if this is all you learn about Amnon, you will miss what is most important. This passage says much about attitude and desire. You could outline the attitude portion this way:

He became so obsessed that he made himself ill.

It seemed impossible for him to do what he wanted.

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