The World is Not as it Seems


Satan has constructed a giant illusion. Even when caught in the awful web of sin, man will naturally choose to follow the deception rather than attempt to break free. In his world, pleasure promises freedom but leads to slavery, and hard work promises fulfillment but often leads only to hard times. This is not what people expect; it is not what the world promises. Yet these promises are part of the grand deception.

To some, the world says that if you work hard you can have what you want in life. Satan delights when someone works hard to accomplish a goal, such as being a successful sports star, only to have it taken away by an injury. He also delights when someone works hard, saves money—and then realizes that it all comes to nothing ultimately. To others, the world says that you don’t have to work hard. Take life easy, let the fun come to you. This promise is also a grand deception. Here are some everyday examples:

• Satan’s world says that personal peace can be achieved through the death of an unborn child.

• Satan’s world says that personal peace can be found with financial security.

• Satan’s world says that sex should not be restricted to marriage.

• Satan’s world says the most important thing in life is to feel good about yourself..

Satan’s world is not what it seems. You must prepare your children for a world which is deceptive by its very nature. For the most part, the people in this world do not realize they are being deceived.

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